Buy cheap ambien california torrance

By | 06.02.2018

buy cheap ambien california torrance

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2 thoughts on “Buy cheap ambien california torrance

  1. Daishakar

    I was prescribed Ambien for insomnia. It later became a problem as I continued to build a tolerance for it. I am no longer taking and have been off the medicine this week. Following are reasons that I stopped taking it. I lost my job, got arrested, picked up a felony charge for prescription fraud, among other consequences due to my dependency on the drug. In short, DO NOT TAKE ANY FORM of Z -PILLS. I lost a very good job with the government and can no longer return to the job due to Ambien and Lunesta. I have a master's degree and still cannot find work due to the felony charge. Please take it from me, this drug will progressively ruin your life. It should be taken off of the market.

  2. Domi

    I have terrible chronic insomnia. I have safely taken this medication for over 12 years, with no significant side effects. Go to bed as soon as you take the medication. In my case the window for working is very short---7-10 minutes. If it hasn't helped me sleep by 15 minutes, it isn't going to help for that particular time. I would recommend this medication to anyone!

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