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  1. Arashidal

    I have taken Ambien for a few years due to night shift work. I went to a swing shift and now am not working. But after 18 years of night shift I can't get to sleep before 5 or 6 am. I just lay there. I started taking 20mg at bedtime and immediately noticed I was telling my boyfriend things I did not remember. I once got up and put a dozen eggs on to boil and went back to bed. I have a old stove that works sometimes, Thank GOD it did not work. The eggs did not get cooked and no fire. I have been so depressed after I wake up the next day. I just have to stop the Ambien and deal with the sleep problem. My boyfriend has slept on the couch a couple of times because I am trashing around and talking to him.

  2. Zolotilar

    When I was in the service I had a few bouts with sleep problems only 3 times in 8 years. I was put on Ambien for 2 weeks at a time. Eventually it would wear off I'd go back to "dealing with it" Then for a few years I self medicated with whiskey. No big dramatic story but that had to stop. When I got out I didn't even try to claim compensation for it with the VA but they gave me a insomnia comp. Since then I receive my pills in the mail. I have never had a negative side effect. No sleep walking, talking, driving. It works better on an empty stomach though. I've woken up at night on it before but I normally fall right back to sleep. I wake up feeling like I got that perfect amount of sleep and so refreshed. It has given me my life back.

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