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By | 16.10.2017

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  1. Zvenislava

    When I got prescribed Ambien I started with 5mg and it worked but I only slept for 4 hrs. So the following night I took 10mg and I was asleep in no time and got a full 9hrs of sleep. Best night ever in years. I woke up feeling refreshed. Minor headache but I don't know if it was due to the Ambien. 1 Tylenol pill took it away so no biggie. This is the only sleep pill that has helped me. I tried Restroil and Seroquel and got no sleep only bad side effects. I love Ambien.

  2. Vera

    Very happy with Ambien. I've used a half tablet on and off for about two years. It really helps me relax and fall asleep. Which can be really hard when you are taking six college courses. Just make sure you take it right as you fall asleep. And do not up your dosage if you feel you are building a "tolerance".

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