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  1. Izyaslava

    Pros: Onset in 6 minutes, Perfect sleep (feel more rested despite sleeping for less time), Absolutely no physiological side effects Cons: Blurred vision, Problems with coordination, Profoundly altered mind, (confusion, delusions, hallucination) Retrograde Amnesia (complete blackout for duration) Powerful, incredibly effective sleep aid, with very few interactions or physical side effects. Solved my sleep problems 100%. Be careful when, how, and around who you use this drug. You might wake up in the morning and find you've called people, written or drawn things, etc, without any recollection.

  2. Mautaxe

    Worked very poorly for insomnia at times it would let me have 3-4 hours of restless sleep and at others even with taking two I laid wide awake for hours.

  3. Bagore

    I was prescribed this drug in my early teen years and it worked wonders at first. Not, at 20 years old it doesn't work AT ALL. I will sometimes have to take 2 pills at night and I will still wake up 3 hours later. I guess I built up a tolerance but I will be switching medicines. Plus I would find myself in the kitchen eating every night, and one had a blender out about to make margaritas.... This is definitely not a long term drug.

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