Online pharmacy cod ambien withdrawal seizures

By | 01.08.2017

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Online pharmacy cod ambien withdrawal seizures - Gehrig, years

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3 thoughts on “Online pharmacy cod ambien withdrawal seizures

  1. Gogar

    When I was in the service I had a few bouts with sleep problems only 3 times in 8 years. I was put on Ambien for 2 weeks at a time. Eventually it would wear off I'd go back to "dealing with it" Then for a few years I self medicated with whiskey. No big dramatic story but that had to stop. When I got out I didn't even try to claim compensation for it with the VA but they gave me a insomnia comp. Since then I receive my pills in the mail. I have never had a negative side effect. No sleep walking, talking, driving. It works better on an empty stomach though. I've woken up at night on it before but I normally fall right back to sleep. I wake up feeling like I got that perfect amount of sleep and so refreshed. It has given me my life back.

  2. Daikora

    It is fantastic that it wears off so quickly - no residual tiredness in the morning like other sleep-aids. I do wish it lasted longer. It really only keeps you asleep for ~4 hours. I guess that's what Ambien CR is for.

  3. Nemuro

    Insomnia cleared by use of Ambien. Have been using nightly for about 12 years. No side effects whatsoever. However, my dosage is small.

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