Buy cheap ambien massachusetts

By | 09.12.2017

buy cheap ambien massachusetts

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  1. Sajora

    I began taking Ambien 15 years ago I stopped it while I was pregnant with my first child and then ended up going back on it from lack of sleep for so long. I took it again first time 6 1/2 years before becoming pregnant again and then had to stop it. When my youngest son was a year and a half old I started taking it again because I could not sleep longer than an hour. When I first started taking Ambien I think the chemical compound was a different because back then I would eat in my sleep, cook meals in my sleep, but then after going off of it and going back on it I believe the formulation changed. I have not had any of those issues for over 13 years. Taking it on empty stomach makes a huge difference.

  2. JoJokasa

    I love ambien! It is the only thing that works for me. A few yrs ago when I started becoming a worse insomniac nothing would work. I remember trying tylonal pm and at first one worked.. then had to bump up to two.. then so on and so on.. until one day I had taken way too many and a Valium and I still wouldn't pass out. I would be all drunk off the meds but it was like the light switch in my head wouldn't turn off. I slept maybe a nap here and there for about a week and was thinking of checking my self into a nutty house because I would drive somewhere without remembering all from lack of sleep. Very long story short ambien is the only thing to me that I take and feels like a natural lay my head down and go to sleep

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