A good website to buy ambien 2mg picture

By | 31.12.2017

a good website to buy ambien 2mg picture

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2 thoughts on “A good website to buy ambien 2mg picture

  1. Domuro

    I have a friend who had taken ambien for years without any problems. For whatever reason he had an episode where he took his pill and then remembers nothing until he was at the police station. He had drank three beers (which he only knows because that's all that was in his frig) then proceded to drive (!!) and ended up crashing into another parked car. This is scarey stuff, eh? It works wonderfully, but I surely wouldn't want to have a blackout and end up driving. Is there any class action suit against this drug? I've heard of the other stories -- walking naked in the winter cold, eating while sleeping, and then my friend's experience.

  2. Tumi

    I was put on 10mg of Ambien after I was having trouble sleeping during a breakdown. I made the mistake one night of taking it and then answering the phone, I was on the phone for an hour.....Oh man, the cupboard moved all on it own,t hen they were strange people walking up and down the stairs in my house. Strange thing is I thought this was funny. I fell down twice, once breaking a little coffee table. Luckily for me my partner was there to help me up the stairs and put me to bed. I now only take 5mg about an hour before bed and it really relaxes me and makes me forget all problems. I don't have any trouble sleeping anymore as such just the odd night here and there.

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