The Truth About Chiropractors

By | December 18, 2017

Chiropractic is often sold to the public as a kind of cure-all – an alternative to modern medicine. Skeptics pass it off as a pseudoscience, like astrology or phrenology, and consider its advocates little more than snake oil salesmen. Others still find an in-between.
So what is the truth? What even is chiropractic?
It is a kind of healthcare that diagnoses and treats health problems according to a theories of the the body’s musculoskeletical system – the network of muscles, bones, cartilage, tendons, etc. that supports you and allows you to move. Usually, chiropractic claims that health complications can be traced back to a problem with the spine and extend through the body because of the nervous system. They claim that by adjusting the spine, many problems can be corrected.
Since the early days, chiropractic has been surrounded by controversy and confrontation with the medical community. Today, there exist a few different camps: 1. Chiropractors and advocates who claim it is an alternative to modern medicine and can cure ailments by itself; 2. Skeptics who claim chiropractic is baloney and doesn’t work at all; 3. Doctors and chiropractors who think that chiropractic has a place in fixing or aiding certain bodily problems, specifically those to do with the back and neck. The third group often combines to offer physical therapy and massage treatments.
Focus on the final one. While there is no medical evidence linking cancer and problems with spinal alignment, problems like backache and headaches can be effectively treated by chiropractors and D.O.’s who perform realignments. There is no question that many back problems are due to spinal problems and that, for these conditions, proper alignment will relieve pain and discomfort.

You should consider chiropractic if you suffer from:
– Daily headaches
– Neck pain
– Lower back pain
– Fatigue
– Constant pain from a back injury that has fully recovered

Do not receive treatment from a chiropractor if you have or have had any of the following, unless advised by a doctor:
– Osteoporosis
– Spinal surgery
– Nerve damage
– Back pain AND fever, sweating, chilling, rapid weight loss (you may have cancer or an infection)

For most conditions, you will have to receive treatment regularly. Sometimes, you might have to go back multiple times in one day. This doesn’t mean your problem will be cured. The general consensus is that these treatments are best for relieving pain, not curing ailments. Because you will have to combine physical therapy, medicine, and exercises in order to cure most medical conditions, it is wise to work with a D.O. as often they can coordinate treatment.
An essential part of making chiropractic treatment work is being able to relax your body for manipulation. The process can sometimes be extremely painful, but there’s very little risk of serious damage if you are doing it correctly.
In order to make the whole thing a bit easier, many doctors will prescribe painkillers or muscle relaxers. For back problems, Carisoprodol is a good option. Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant that will ease your back pain, making it easier to go about your day, and Carisoprodol will relax your body enough to receive proper treatment.

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