Quick Guide to Overcoming Your Toddler’s Sleep Problems: For Time-Deprived and Sleep-Deprived Parents

By | March 24, 2018
Quick Guide to Overcoming Your Toddler's Sleep Problems: For Time-Deprived and Sleep-Deprived Parents

Are you one of those tired parent who sleeps late and yet has to wake up frequently at night because of the sleep problems of your toddler? Do you have difficulty getting your limitless energetic toddler to get to sleep and most importantly to have him or her sleep through the night? Do you or your spouse have very little time for yourself or both yourself at night? Your toddler’s sleep problem is affecting you and your spouse relationship? If any of your answer to above questions is a firm ‘Yes’, this book is for you. It is written specifically for sleep-deprived and time-deprived parents who require a practical guide to help them better understand your toddler’s sleep problems by learning and applying techniques in this book to solve them. This guide provides answers to why your toddler may not go to sleep easily and introduces many techniques proposed by sleep experts and pediatricians. In this book, you will learn: – The sleeping stages of your toddler. – The category of sleep problem your toddler may be experiencing. – How to prepare your toddler ready for bed. – How to plan their sleep routine. – How to handle their tantrums or request before bed. – Special conditions which may be affecting your toddler’s sleep. This guide will be valuable for parents to train their toddler to bed happily and sleep through the night. This book will be your most practical guide to solve your toddler’s sleep problems so that you and your spouse can sleep through the night. Want to get more sleep for everybody? To get started, simply scroll up and click on the BUY button.