Saturday delivery on ambien withdrawal

By | 29.08.2017

saturday delivery on ambien withdrawal

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2 thoughts on “Saturday delivery on ambien withdrawal

  1. Araktilar

    Ive had every sleeping medicine, even test drugs, thats legal where I am but only ambien has let me sleep. Ive been on ambien for about 3 years now. I take it because my autonomic nervous system doesnt work properly and my adrenaline wont shut of to let me sleep. Though ambien is the only thing that lets me sleep, it does give me weird trips or hallucinations sometimes. Which I have been told isnt a good thing and you should stop if you hallucinate or have a bad trip, but I'm on 10mg of ambien and I fall asleep 80% of the time so thanks ambien.

  2. Meztiramar

    After a car accident where I suffered a head injury I had horrible insomnia worsened by pre-existing fibromyalgia. Nothing over the counter was working at all to help me sleep. My doctor put me on this. When it works, it's awesome. I cannot have any food on my stomach if I want this to work, though. I don't take it until I've washed my face, brushed my teeth & am actually in bed for the night. That's the trick! I hate that the FDA cut dosage by half for women- the lower dose doesn't work for me because I'm big/tall. Weight makes a difference in this meds case. Not everyone sleep-drives or sleepwalks on this.

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