Ambien without a prescription minnesota saint paul

By | 12.09.2017

ambien without a prescription minnesota saint paul

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Ambien without a prescription minnesota saint paul - precisely

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3 thoughts on “Ambien without a prescription minnesota saint paul

  1. Kazijind

    Due to issues with my insurance I recently have had to switch from Ambien CR to regular Ambien. Although the medication is very helpful to me in falling asleep I have found that I wake up throughout the night (1-3 times). A problem that I did not experience when taking the Ambien CR. Nonetheless, Ambien has significantly helped me cope with my insomnia.

  2. Sarah

    I have been taking Ambien for 2 years now for insomnia and trouble sleeping. It does make you tired, but you also feel really good and happy. I would take it and an hour later, not remember anything. Also, I would still wake up every hour. It helped me fall asleep, but not stay asleep. Recently, I over dosed on Ambien. That is what really woke me up. This is not for me. I have been prescribed Seroquel for my sleeping problems and this is wonderful. I have no more sleepwalking and I remember everything.

  3. Mugul

    I was diagnosed a bad case of insomnia a few years ago, they have tried me on multiple medicines but Ambien is by far the best out there for me. It keeps me asleep between 4-5 hours solid. Then up again so I take a half and I sleep great.

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