Order cheap ambien tennessee nashville

By | 19.11.2017

order cheap ambien tennessee nashville

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  1. Mer

    After the birth of my child, I had a difficult time sleeping. The tireder I got the less I could sleep. My OB gave me Ambien to help me get sleep. At first I was concerned but I hadn't slept in days so my husband promised to listen for the baby. I have to say, without this medicine, I would never have made it through my insomnia. I would advise that if you take this drug, you let a loved one know so they can look out for you. I have tried to do a few stupid things while on this drug, like put stupid things on facebook and emailing people stupid things. Each time, my husband stopped me......YOU CANNOT USE THIS MEDICINE WITHOUT A WING MAN!

  2. Juktilar

    It works! It was really weird at first... make sure you are IN BED shortly after you take it or you will be subject to odd behavior/amnesia.

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