Ambien generic buy

By | 03.12.2017

ambien generic buy

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3 thoughts on “Ambien generic buy

  1. Akim

    I had great success with this medicine at first. I had/have the 10 mg pills. When I started taking it, I would use it 3-4 times per week even though I could not fall or stay asleep on the other nights. Now I take it every night along with Xanax for insomnia and that still doesn't do the trick. My doctor added Trazodone 50mg to the mix. I still only get about 3-5 hours of sleep. It takes till 5 or 6 in the morning for me to fall asleep. It is slightly better than nothing at all, all 3 of the medicine's combined that is. I am beginning to feel like I will never sleep a good nights sleep.

  2. Shara

    Nocturemia - After 20 years of getting up every hour and a 1/2 to urinate, I am now able to sleep for 6 hours without waking. This has changed my Life.

  3. Vukree

    My experience was great, like a Valium I'm feeling excellent and I know I will have a great night. Thanks Ambien.

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