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By | 04.09.2017

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3 thoughts on “Order ambien no prescripton new hampshire

  1. Mushicage

    Helps me sleep through the night for the first time in my life. The first time I ever took it I made the mistake of not going to bed right away so I did have some hallucinations. They weren't scary, but I make sure to take it only when I go to bed. There are some definite sexual side effects, much to my husband's good fortune. It all seems like a vague dream when I wake up. It's probably a good idea to only take it when you're living with someone you trust!

  2. Dougis

    I love ambien! It is the only thing that works for me. A few yrs ago when I started becoming a worse insomniac nothing would work. I remember trying tylonal pm and at first one worked.. then had to bump up to two.. then so on and so on.. until one day I had taken way too many and a Valium and I still wouldn't pass out. I would be all drunk off the meds but it was like the light switch in my head wouldn't turn off. I slept maybe a nap here and there for about a week and was thinking of checking my self into a nutty house because I would drive somewhere without remembering all from lack of sleep. Very long story short ambien is the only thing to me that I take and feels like a natural lay my head down and go to sleep

  3. Yozshulmaran

    Ambien works great when taken as directed. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR LONG TERM, EVERY DAY USE. I have used 3 refills which have lasted me a year, although I was authorized 6 refills in that time.. I am very upfront with my doctor and tell him that occasionally, (due to working Midnight to 8), my sleep gets thrown off, so I take ONE, WHEN NEEDED. If your sleep disorder is to the point that you feel you need it everyday, you and your doctor should probably look at an alternative. Yes, your body can and will become dependent on it, if for nothing else, to sleep. It can be an awesome medication, when used properly, occasionally and conservatively.

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