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By | 15.10.2017

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3 thoughts on “Buy cheap ambien kentucky georgetown

  1. Lyubomir

    I have had a great experience with this medicine. I sleep through the night on it, wake up rested and free of any hangover, and it doesn't knock me out like benedryl does. I feel like I get a natural sleep. I've never experienced the night time issues that some have mentioned and have never experienced nightmares or vivid dreams as I have with other medicines.

  2. Zolojinn

    I absolutely love Ambien. Love it. However, building up a tolerance sucks, the drug testing sucks, having to have a doctors appointment monthly to get a prescription sucks, and knowing I'm taking something I know I could become dependent on sucks. No groggy mornings, if taken within a half hour of going to bed I can fall asleep easily, and a few funny text conversations to wake up to. I have tried SO many things and this is so far the only one that has even helped.

  3. Got

    I think I have the story of all stories about Ambien. I used to take it, and I loved it. I woke up refreshed without any strange things happening. Until one night I had taken a few. I took one and I had built up a tolerance for it so I took another. Next thing I know, I'm naked out in my backyard and I couldn't remember why. Then I come in the house, and there were cops there. I got upset because A) I was naked and B) I didn't know why they were there. Apparently I went nuts, and started throwing things at my boyfriend, and he didn't know what was wrong with me so he called the police. Then they were cuffing me and I was struggling because I could not remember our fight what so ever.

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