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By | 27.07.2017

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  1. Fenrishura

    I have been on Ambien for 12 years. I feel Fantastic every day! I take my vitamin supplements..eat pretty healthy keeping sugar and sodium at a minimum, power walk 40 minutes a day at least 5 days per week. Have my blood work done every 4 months. I am 56 years old and between pre and full blown menopause I could not imagine not sleeping 7-8 hours per night. Every case is different but most important is to have a doctor who monitors you keeping a check on your liver and kidney functions. Until I need to make a change I will continue to be thankful for Ambien. Nighty Night.

  2. Akinogal

    I was dealing with severe insomnia for a few months. Dr prescribed 10mg. It helped me fall asleep noticably quicker. No sleepwalking or anything, but then one night my work woke me after an hour or so and I was slightly impaired; stumbling through bedroom and slurring words. Felt like being drunk except that my mind was still fine, just body delayed. Otherwise, it has been free of side effects and gets job done - except for heartburn. Experience it nightly after taking ambien and take an antacids

  3. Faele

    I have had amnestic episodes: I have had conversations with my spouse that at time were extremely distressing to him- the next day I would have no memory the discussions. I have walked in my sleep. A few times I was saved from hurting myself e.g. thinking (telling him) that I was going to the bathroom but starting to sit down before I got there and luckily caught by my husband - or I might have struck my head if he had not caught me. ( I didn't remember those times as well). But my strange behavior started to worry my husband -a loving and devoted spouse.I have gone onto the internet while on Ambien and bought items. At first I was puzzled by unexpected deliveries of whatever I had bought- I realized the impact of Ambien on my life.

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