Cod saturday ambien dosage by weight

By | 22.01.2018

cod saturday ambien dosage by weight

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3 thoughts on “Cod saturday ambien dosage by weight

  1. Carter

    I have trouble staying asleep. I wake every night anywhere from between 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. and am up for the rest of the night. This medicine helped me sleep, but also made me very depressed. It made me very angry and upset most of the time. I took this for about 3 months, until I got to the point that there was something very wrong with me and it was the medicine.

  2. Kagul

    Really effective and helped me sleep, but also found myself confused and sometimes sleepwalking, in one case I was pretty badly injured jumping back into 'bed' but it was the home office desk I dove into, not the bed. It was a strange experience, because I never walked in my sleep, and thought I could clearly see and knew where I was, it equaled "bedroom" at 2 am. Take with caution.

  3. Tagul

    I was a body builder and personal trainer active in my career until I got a kidney removed due to a tumor and was diagnosed with hypothyroid at 65. My GP did not wanted to give Ambien, instead he prescribed some other medication for psychotic people and I stopped it. Another doctor gave the Ambien, which I have been taking, 5mg. However, lately is giving me headaches, I wake up a few times at night and can't go back to sleep. Feel tired and disconnected. I need to stop and I am afraid of the process.

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