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By | 04.08.2017

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3 thoughts on “Buy ambien online no prescription utah draper

  1. Arasho

    I take a very low dose-5mg of Ambien at bedtime when I know I need a great night's sleep! I had one experience of taking this after drinking and it wasn't an experience I'd ever like to relive! Crazy- to say the least! I have not done any sleep walking or strange night activities!

  2. Joshua

    I have been on a fairly high dose of ambien (20 mgs) for periodic limb movement disorder which a sleep study showed woke me up over 100 times per night. I've been on the same dose for over fifteen years. Before I tried this, I was given over thirty different medications over two years, none of which really worked. This is what works. It works pretty well still, helping me fall and stay asleep, and I haven't noticed any side effects except midnight snacks and very mild memory haziness (I can still remember what happens, it's just muddy, like waking up in the middle of the night). Recently, my doctor told me the FDA had suggested I drop to 5 mg a night. That dose would never work for me, even when I started it. It's safe and still works.

  3. Vutaur

    Took ambien for the first time last night after not sleeping all night for months. I didn't want to wake up late or groggy. This worked wonders. Took at 9ish just woke up at 6. So happy I didn't sleep in but also got a full nights rest... Now let's hope I didn't do anything weird.

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