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By | 13.12.2017

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3 thoughts on “Buy ambien online no prescription south carolina greenville

  1. Maulabar

    The drug actually only worked for about five hours but I did sleep soundly. However, the following day, after using Ambien, I experienced drowsiness, dizziness and stomach cramping.

  2. Daill

    After the birth of my child, I had a difficult time sleeping. The tireder I got the less I could sleep. My OB gave me Ambien to help me get sleep. At first I was concerned but I hadn't slept in days so my husband promised to listen for the baby. I have to say, without this medicine, I would never have made it through my insomnia. I would advise that if you take this drug, you let a loved one know so they can look out for you. I have tried to do a few stupid things while on this drug, like put stupid things on facebook and emailing people stupid things. Each time, my husband stopped me......YOU CANNOT USE THIS MEDICINE WITHOUT A WING MAN!

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