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By | 06.11.2017

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3 thoughts on “Order cheap ambien massachusetts newton

  1. Yaromira

    Ive been an Ambien user now for 6 years. And like a lot of other post I've read, I find it is much more effective when taken on an empty stomach. I too have had my crazy nightly side effects..Painting my toe nails, dying my hair, a box of cereal completely eaten, and an almost dead cell phone to where I had been on the phone half the night saying god knows what (and yes, all this in one night). I agree that if you take it correctly and on an empty stomach, you should lay down within the first 30 minutes, if not, you never know where you may end up. It gives you almost an errie jolt of energy that you remember nothing about!

  2. Jeffery

    I have been taking Ambien for more years than I can count due to insomnia and nightmares. I have experienced the "sleep walking" activities, mostly repetitive conversations and eating which have been benign and harmless. Fortunately, I have family that is up later than me so they keep me from doing anything too outrageous. Sometimes I have a vague memory of my activities if my husband brings it to my attention, but if I am particularly stressed or anxious the side effects are amplified and my memory is gone. As for morning grogginess, a shower usually perks me up.

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