Order cheap ambien maryland

By | 25.12.2017

order cheap ambien maryland

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2 thoughts on “Order cheap ambien maryland

  1. Dailrajas

    made me crazy and stoned and I end up taking them in a few nights and I have no idea, call people randomly do things and have no memory of it. The next day I am very I'll unsurprisingly. Better off with insomnia.

  2. Kigamuro

    I took generic ambien (not the CR) for just two consecutive nights. While it does work for putting me to sleep and keeping me asleep, I have to say I would not recommend this to people. Just take benadryl or Advil PM. The reason I say this is because it affected (and days later is still affecting) my memory. I am told by a few friends and co-workers of things I did or said (during the daylight hours, work hours) and I honestly don't remember any of it! So for me... I won't take this again just because it scares me. I'm sharp as a tack, I remember and observe everything so this really shocked me.

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