How to get prescription of ambien dosage for insomnia

By | 08.12.2017

how to get prescription of ambien dosage for insomnia

The recommended initial Ambien dosage for women was halved after That if they don't get a good night's sleep, they are even more at risk of having a driving accident. I was prescribed a few years back 10 mg of Ambien. Find names, brands, dosages, intended uses, side effects, and more. Zolpidem is sedative-hypnotic medication used to treat short-term. He has other options that can help him get the sleep he needs. My doctor is adamant, however, and has prescribed trazodone, which is weeks of gradual dose reduction to phase off zolpidem to avoid rebound insomnia. Medical Miracles with Ambien


2 thoughts on “How to get prescription of ambien dosage for insomnia

  1. Katelyn

    I have had difficulty going to sleep and was prescribed this medicine. It does help me sleep for several hours.

  2. Gugul

    Zolpidem worked well at the 5mg dose for about 3 or 4 nights. Then I noticed my lips were dry, mildly cracked, and tender. Gradually I noticed that the tip of my tongue felt as though it had been burnt. I ignored that as I drink hot coffee. On the 4th day I used a Listerine-like mouthwash; the result was an immediate and severe reaction: the inside of my mouth became bright red and swollen. My face broke out in scattered red spots or streaks. Once I had spat out the mouthwash and the pain had gone down, I noticed that my eyes, or the tissue around my eyes, also felt dry and sore. Two days later, the reaction is gradually clearing.

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