Fast worldwide delivery ambien ambien reviews

By | 10.08.2017

fast worldwide delivery ambien ambien reviews

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3 thoughts on “Fast worldwide delivery ambien ambien reviews

  1. Dozil

    Taking ambien as (exactly) prescribed has been a tremendous help to me. I get sleep, without waking up several times a night. I feel refreshed for a day of anything!

  2. Kagak

    I started sleep walking on this medicine. My wife found me sitting on the kitchen floor with a bottle of her red wine and I'm told that I asked her if we were in San Francisco Or San Jose. This stopped my 28 years plus of continued sobriety. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance they thought I might of had a stroke. I didn't. It was an Ambien blackout. I have a very close friend here in San Jose who owns a Recovery home. He told me that his place is filling up with people being pulled over driving around town in their Pajamas while thinking they are home in bed. Ambien might be great for some people, but for folks like me it has evil effects. Please be careful people.

  3. Batilar

    I have been treated for depression for 15 years. Went through all the SSRIs and SNRIs. Finally got a new doctor and went back to the old-fashioned MAOI antidepressent parnate. This is a miracle drug that has given me energy that I have not had for 10 years. But I cannot sleep for more than 4 hours a night, compared to 14 hours on the old medicines. Ambien is successfully treating this side effect of parnate.

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