Ambien for sale cody

By | 02.03.2018

ambien for sale cody

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  1. Moogutaxe

    I have been taking Ambien for about 3 years. I have Anxiety disorder and have had trouble getting to sleep as long as I remember. I worked night shifts because it was easier. After I had kids, I had to become a day person! I had terrible nights of falling asleep at 3-4 am after tossing and turning. I used Benadryl for several years and one night it turned on me, I had anxiety attacks, muscle spasm & ridgidity. My doctor gave me Lexapro, because I had depression at that time as well. I hated it and how numb I always felt. Then he prescribed Ambien. I cut the pill in half. It doesnt knock me out, it just turns my brain to slow and sleepy. I sleep like a baby. I wake very happy and alert. No more depression either.

  2. Vokinos

    Wow, I guess I'm in the minority because I found that Ambien was completely worthless for me. I tried 5mg, 10mg, & even 15mg & never could fall asleep. Didn't even feel tired. Seriously, it was like a sugar pill. I don't know why so many people like this stuff...I guess my brain is different from everyone else's...story of my life!

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