Where can i get ambien from in uk backpack manufacturer

By | 23.10.2017

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  1. Shakadal

    I, a 21 yeard old male, was prescribed 10 mg ambien a few weeks ago for insomnia. I've dealt with insomnia for several years, I'd lie in bed with my eyes closed for 10 hours and would often not sleep for a second. Or if I did, it was for an hour or 2 and I rarely felt rested. Beforehand, I tried many sleeping aids (Melatonin, Belsomra, Trazadone) and nothing worked. Within 20 minutes of taking ambien for the first time I was out like a light and slept 8+ hours for the first time in years. However, I've been more recently experiencing the problem of not only waking up feeling groggy, but feeling that throughout the day. Even 8+ hours and a significant amount of caffeine later, I feel far less attentive than I was when I was sleep deprived.

  2. Vigore

    No sleep as yet, 10mg Ambien last night 20 tonight! Last night I fell asleep after about 4 hours (normal for me with or without meds) I woke up fealing really rather strange, lethargic almost. Passes after 2-3hours with coffee! tonight on 20mg it's been 3 hours so far! Light headache very restless.

  3. Gronos

    This has been very helpful for me. My sleeping pattern has been messed up for years since having a daughter with a significant disability which included among many other things a sleeping disorder. Ambien has enabled me to fall asleep consistently after a short period of time trying to fall asleep whereas I used to more often than not lay awake for hours before falling asleep. It is interesting for me that there has been a couple of times where I was not able to go to bed for over an hour after taking it and it didn't seem to make me feel any more groggy or sleepy, but when I did finally go to bed, I fell right asleep.

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