Buy cod ambien

By | 11.11.2017

buy cod ambien

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  1. Zolojora

    I have been taking 5 mg of Ambien for quite a while. It has, however, been making me wake up, every hour on the hour, and I eat and eat through out the night. Years ago I took Ambien and I would wake up and I would find crumbs in the bed and would not remember even eating anything. Let's just say, I gain 'unneeded' weight...... ;( I told my psychiatrist today that I want to stop taking it and that I wish to 'wean' myself off of it, and she told me to 'just do it'. You don't have to worry about weaning it. Your on such a small dose." On every thing I have ever read and learned (I am a RN), you wean yourself off of any medicine. So I am going to wean myself off of the Ambien. Thanks for reading.

  2. Jutilar

    LOVE IT! I have never had a side effect and look forward to bed which I no longer dread! I cut 5 mg, in half and if wake-up and can't get back to sleep take other half. Highly recommend

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