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  1. Yobar

    I was just recently prescribed Ambien for insomnia and pain medicines for the almost fatal gunshot wound that almost took my life almost 2 years ago. I used to be a law enforcement officer and now I can't work anymore because of the injury. I just bought a brand new Charger with a hemi and I took a Ambien before I took a shower and my family told me that I tried to get in my car and take off! So please be careful when you take them.

  2. Zulkijind

    I've been on ambient for a year. When I first started taking it , it work great, only thing I would wake up and eat during the night and not know it, the next morning I would find the evidence. The past week I have got to where it's not working like now it's 4:30 am and I'm not asleep yet!! I'm on 5m so wondering if maybe I should ask doc to raise it to 10. I'm just afraid if I go up 5 more if it will give me any weird side effects. But I can't keep doing this, I need sleep!

  3. Nazil

    I take Ambien, Ambien CR and rotate to Lunesta briefly when they build a tolerance. Ambien is first rate though. They all have an odd effect of not drifting off - I blink and wake up in the morning. I'm ok with that. Ambien CR makes me a bit cranky if I wake early, like the cat waking me. Otherwise they all work, and fast, like 30 minutes. I have a small amount of Ambien CR left, which I think is the best but it's expensive. The others are generic, but work ok.

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