Order ambien no prescription kentucky owensboro

By | 05.09.2017

order ambien no prescription kentucky owensboro

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3 thoughts on “Order ambien no prescription kentucky owensboro

  1. Mut

    I have been taking Ambien for over 2 years now and other than doing things and not remembering about doing it later I love it. But it's not for everyone. My hubby can take it and be out for 2 days straight so be careful.

  2. Kimuro

    I could never get to sleep as long as I have remembered. I'll get to bed around 2 and fall asleep around 5 or 6 and I wouldn't call it sleep anyway. I have been taking Ambien for 2-3 months and sleep fine. Much better than other medicines I've used for insomnia. No hangover the next day just groggy for 30 minutes or so.

  3. Meztirn

    This is the only sleep aid that has ever worked for me. I get a good full night sleep, I wake up refreshed and not groggy. Bless the makers of this medication, you have literally changed my life. I used to sleep 15 to 45 mins a night, now at 6 - 8 hours of sleep. My blood pressure has come down, I no longer battle depression and fatigue, and I am productive at work!

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