Online ambien cod pharmacy technician

By | 16.01.2018

online ambien cod pharmacy technician

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  1. Dobroslava

    It's hard for me to fall asleep almost every night. And I'm also a very light sleeper. I don't take it every night (10mg), just when I'm having issues with trying to fall asleep/stay asleep. One of the first times taking it about a year ago, I was visiting my mom. I took the pill and laid down. About 15min later I started sweating and felt really weird! I started hallucinating like crazy!! I was seeing a cat on the bed and then I started seeing people in the room. I then started to freak out and got really scared. I got up to use the bathroom and then fell into the wall. She helped me back to bed. The whole experience was SO scary!! I now take 5mg and it works fine w/ no issues. I think the dose was too much.

  2. Tugore

    I was diagnosed a bad case of insomnia a few years ago, they have tried me on multiple medicines but Ambien is by far the best out there for me. It keeps me asleep between 4-5 hours solid. Then up again so I take a half and I sleep great.

  3. Akinoll

    I have taken Ambien for a few years due to night shift work. I went to a swing shift and now am not working. But after 18 years of night shift I can't get to sleep before 5 or 6 am. I just lay there. I started taking 20mg at bedtime and immediately noticed I was telling my boyfriend things I did not remember. I once got up and put a dozen eggs on to boil and went back to bed. I have a old stove that works sometimes, Thank GOD it did not work. The eggs did not get cooked and no fire. I have been so depressed after I wake up the next day. I just have to stop the Ambien and deal with the sleep problem. My boyfriend has slept on the couch a couple of times because I am trashing around and talking to him.

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