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By | 02.11.2017

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3 thoughts on “Buy cheap ambien massachusetts newton

  1. Claire

    Have bad insomnia. Been on Ambien for 10 years now. I decreased my dose to only 3 mg about 5 years ago. All I need is to get to sleep. Anxiety prevents that. So Ambien works great for me. I have never had any bad effects at all with this drug. No after effects. Wake up refreshed. I have had instances where it doesn't work, if I am in a bad anxious state. But usually I take it right before bed. I don't delay at all because it is pretty fast working. Hope and pray there are no long term effects like Alzheimers. So far I have no memory problems. I am 74. I need sleep. It's that simple. Feel awful when I don't sleep. I do try not to take it every night. Go off for days in between. Try and go weeks if I can. So far that's working for me.

  2. Aragrel

    I have taken Ambien for about a year now and sleep well, at least 6-8 hours every night and wake up refreshed. I agree with others to not take until ready to get into bed because I have experienced the same experience of not remembering what I have done if I take it earlier then bedtime. Works great for me.

  3. Danielle

    I have had amnestic episodes: I have had conversations with my spouse that at time were extremely distressing to him- the next day I would have no memory the discussions. I have walked in my sleep. A few times I was saved from hurting myself e.g. thinking (telling him) that I was going to the bathroom but starting to sit down before I got there and luckily caught by my husband - or I might have struck my head if he had not caught me. ( I didn't remember those times as well). But my strange behavior started to worry my husband -a loving and devoted spouse.I have gone onto the internet while on Ambien and bought items. At first I was puzzled by unexpected deliveries of whatever I had bought- I realized the impact of Ambien on my life.

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