Heartgard Plus-To Prevent The Heartworm Disease

By | January 15, 2018

Heartgard plus is a medicine which is used to prevent the heartworm disease. This disease is caused by the mosquitoes’ biting  & parasitic worms. It also spreads when the mosquitoe bites another dog after biting a diseased dog. It happens due to larvae transfer. Sometimes, if it is not prevented it can lead to death also. The medicines should be given to the pet only after the prescriptionof the veterinarian. Its treatment is also very much expensive not so much successful.


Generic Blue Small Dog Tablets-  6 months & 12 months (Under 25lbs)
Generic Green Medium Dog tablets- 6 month & 12 months (Under 26-50lbs)
Generic Brown Large Dog tablets- 6 month and 12 months (Under 51-100lbs)

How does heartworm cause dogs?

The heartworm disease is transferred from one dog to another by mosquitoes in the seasons of spring, summer and fall. When a mosquito bites an infected animal that carrys the microscopic heartworm larvae which is called microfilariae which in its blood,then this disease starts to spread. The immature larvae is taken by the mosquitoes when they feed it. The larvae develops into the infective stages within in the mosquitoes in next two to three weeks. & when the same mosquitoes bite any other dog it starts passing.

What are the symptoms of heartworm disease?

The symptoms of heartworm disease are as under:-

chronic cough 

These symptoms can be seen after 6 to 7 months of infection. Then at that time it becomes difficult to prevent it. Because at this time the disease is in its advance stage & its treatment is also complex & dangeruos too. The treatment is also very much expensive because it is required that the veterinarian has to do very close supervision for killing of adult heartworms.

How do I make sure that my pet is not affecting from the heatworm disease?

It is true that Prvention is better than cure. So, it is better to keep your pet safe from this disease. No animal can tell us that they are not well.  So, The better option is to get your pet checked up from the veterinarian time to time. Like, in the Springtime, a blood test is needed to be done. Then, the veterinarian will prescribe a preventive medicine like once-a-month Heartgard-30 plus. The pet can easily eat the heartgard pill because it is just like a little treat. Heartworm is very painful and deadly disease. One can save his pet only by prevention and also by the prescription by the veterinarian i.e. by heartgard plus medicine.

Benefits Of Using Heartgard

The main benefit of using Heartgard is that it will prevent the pet from the very dangerous disease with which many pets die every year.

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