Saturday delivery on ambien 1mg side

By | 07.11.2017

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2 thoughts on “Saturday delivery on ambien 1mg side

  1. Kigagore

    I've been using Ambien for a of couple months now, only taking it a few times a week when I think I'm going to need a good nights sleep. My sleep issue was that I'd wake up at around 1:30am and not be able to fall back asleep. When I take an Ambien I fall asleep about 45 minutes after taking it, and don't wake up until my alarm comes on. I only use it when I know I'll have trouble sleeping (like Monday Mornings and I've never experienced any weird behaviors like others I've read about.

  2. Goltirn

    I suffer from OCD. Sleep is a luxury. Ambein, is the first medicine I've taken that has offered any relief. I still don't sleep the entire night but 4 hrs is a Dod send. I don't understand why 2 can't be prescribed. I could take the second one upon waking and actually get 8 hrs sleep. I suffer no side effects from it.

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