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By | 05.12.2017

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2 thoughts on “Buy cheap ambien wisconsin madison

  1. Daikus

    I have insomnia and chronic pain. Ambien helps me sleep for 8 hours a night. If I didn't take it, my back pain would drive me out of bed. I agree with everyone's thought that you should take it after you're in bed. Otherwise, I black out and raid the refrigerator or talk on the phone. The next day, I don't remember doing those things.

  2. Jackson

    Hands down the very best way to end the day. Not only is it the only sleeping pill that worked for me of the dozens of OTC and prescribed sleep aids, it felt really good. No matter how bad my day was, 20 minutes after I took the ambien I'd always have a smile and laugh my ass off to Saturday Night Live episodes on Hulu before getting the best and consistent sleep ever. Sure, my first couple times I had a hangover effect, but the next year I was on ambien I ALWAYS felt refreshed the next morning.

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