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By | 17.12.2017

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  1. Florence

    Ambien CR was prescribed to me for long term use after I was only able to get a 3 hours of sleep per night due to insomnia. It did help me get to sleep (took effect within 30 minutes on an empty stomach) and stay asleep. However, it also makes things seem 3D that aren't (like text on a computer screen), and gives an overall "trippy" feeling. Ambien CR also has a rather strong hangover effect that can last awhile (up to 12 hours from the time it was taken.)

  2. Tojamuro

    It works to put me asleep, too well! I was told by my husband that I was doing stuff I don't remember doing. One time I became sexually aggressive and last night, I didn't recognize my husband and was doing stuff totally off the wall. I will not be taking it again!

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