Buy ambien online no prescription minnesota

By | 18.10.2017

buy ambien online no prescription minnesota

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3 thoughts on “Buy ambien online no prescription minnesota

  1. Mabel

    I've been using Ambien (10mg) for about 2 months and it works great. I suggest going straight to bed after taking it. Also, give yourself 7-8 hours of time to sleep. Ambien knocks me out in 15 minutes and I sleep about 9 hours. Feel great when I wake up. I can't turn my mind off when I go to bed so it has been a big help. I'm 54 and this is the 1st medicine I've taken on a regular basis so I was nervous about taking Ambien at first. It has been great.

  2. Tozilkree

    I took my daughter to dinner during which she mentioned our ride to school that morning. I asked what she meant. She told me I had given her a ride to school that morning. I have no recollection of taking her to school, leaving the house or coming home. It was a surreal experience and after reading the reviews here I have decided to stop taking the medication. It does help with sleep but driving in a black out is too scary for me.

  3. Tujinn

    You can do things and not remember them. You will tell awful stories about squirrels jumping out of glass boxes, and say things to your spouse/significant other you don't mean if you try to TALK while on this drug. So by all means do not take until the very last thing before sleep, i.e. you are in bed, ready for sleep. It kicks in super fast and you won't know what hit you. You only get 5 to 6 hours of sleep on Ambien but you feel rested with no druggie zombie after feeling. Note to single parents taking this drug: you will be worthless in an emergency situation and helpless to assist your children in a fire, a break-in, a trip to the ER at 1 a.m. (never drive on this drug!!!)

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