Cod delivery ambien generic sz

By | 16.10.2017

cod delivery ambien generic sz

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  1. Kelkis

    Last year I came home from work, only to be questioned by my wife as to where I went the night before. To make a long story shorter, I took an ambien to go to sleep; woke up an hour and a half later. I showered, shaved, got dressed, made a phone call and then got in my car and was gone for two hours. I remembered absolutely nothing. The only reason I believed my wife was because I checked my cell phone and I did in fact make a call. The person I called said I sounded insane and hung up on me. The next day I saw a doctor and he said that he sees this happen all the time.

  2. Kazilmaran

    Worked well for the most part. I found that, on average, once every 7-10 days I become somewhat anxious and agitated (making it hard to sleep) after taking the Ambien. I don't know why it only happened occasionally but it was more common when I took 5 mg rather than 10 mg. In the end I switched to Restoril (temazepam) 30 mg. Dose 5-10 mg at night Age 21 For primary insomnia

  3. Maushakar

    My psychiatrist prescribed me 5mg of Ambien to help with insomnia. I take it 3-5 nights a week (typically 3) and found it very helpful in the beginning. Now, I can take it and not feel a thing. I have considered asking my psychiatrist for a slightly higher dosage.

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