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  1. Zologore

    I was diagnosed with insomnia five years ago after a string of very traumatic life events. Even as a small child, I typically tossed and turned for up to three hours before falling asleep. Despite these facts, I believed I was just not meant to sleep normally. My therapist suggested a sleep study and I was quickly referred to a psychiatrist who reviewed my past history as well as my current situation and prescribed 10mg of Ambien. I am finally able to sleep normally! I wake up with energy and actually enjoy early mornings with my daughter because I'm well rested. I don't take this medication on a nightly basis because I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine and I have no desire to experience unpleasant side effects.

  2. Owen

    I've taken this medication three different nights now and honestly, I haven't slept this deeply in ages! However... from the time I take the medication to the time I get to sleep - I have no memories of this time period the next day. Also, if I am sleeping and someone wakes me up after I've taken the ambien, I won't remember anything the next day from being awake at the time. Really upsetting to my boyfriend the next day...

  3. Akinokora

    I hate the doctors that prescribe ambien to patients like me. They are putting patent's life in danger. I know some people taking this pill during the day too and they take way too much . It is adicctive

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