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By | 10.07.2017

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3 thoughts on “Order ambien no prescription tennessee la vergne

  1. Sagal

    I have been taking Ambien for about 3 years now off and on. I can't sleep at night and most nights when I do take Ambien I lay awake. When I take the Ambien it takes sometimes 35 minutes to an hour before I feel anything. I recently discovered I have been sleep eating. I was dreaming I was eating cinnamon buns and when I woke up I found the box of cinnamon buns were all gone. Plus I have found I have been posting stuff on Face Book and I don't remember doing it. Even though I have found out I have been doing these things but I can't sleep so to me it's worth taking. Glad to know I don't sleep eat every night.

  2. Moogujinn

    I love Ambien - it slows my racing, worried mind and lets me sleep through the night. I just take 5 mg tablet and that works great. I am a Type 1 diabetic for 43 years, and notice no side effects.

  3. Gilbert

    I have only been taking Ambien for 3 months or so. I too have insomnia. I can get to sleep but wake up and can't get back to sleep. My experience with Ambien has been crazy. I have had a phone conversation and made plans to go to lunch with a friend, and when she called the next day to see if we were still on, I had no memory of our conversation. I have cooked scrambled egg/cheese breakfast at 11pm and put it away for breakfast the next day. Last night, however, was the scariest. I vaguely remember sweeping up hair, so I looked in the garbage this morning and was relieved to not find any hair. I passed it off as a dream. Then I took a good look in the mirror, my bangs on the left side are now only 2" long. How embarrassing!

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