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By | 02.01.2018

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3 thoughts on “Order cheap ambien missouri chesterfield

  1. Gular

    I have been taking this drug for a few months now. I had a severe accident at work so I have severe nerve pain and found that taking ambien helps me sleep at night, but it does sometimes like others have said make me forget what I did after I took it but I have lots of energy the next morning.

  2. Malamuro

    I've been using Ambien for about 4 to 5 years now. I also take a pain medication for a back injury. My doctor switched me to Ambien CR and the side effects were horrible. I felt angry beyond my control, confused, experienced memory loss, and crazy hallucinations. This was about 2 weeks ago and I'm still trying to put the pieces together. Make sure if you take this pill you check for drug interactions and be in bed ready to sleep. It's good and sad to know I'm not the only one.

  3. Harry

    Ambien helped me sleep, and I didn't seem to have any adverse symptoms - UNTIL I quit taking it. I've quit taking ambien 3 times in my life, and this third time confirms for me that withdrawing from it causes severe migraines. The first time I stopped taking ambien, I was treated for TMJD because of the horrible neck, shoulder, and head pain. The second time, I was pregnant and thought the migraines were due to hormones. This is the third time and final time. This time I've also had neuropathy in both feet, legs, one side of my trunk and both hands.

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