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  1. Gardalar

    Before I started taking Ambien, I would fall asleep for an hour, wake up and maybe not go back to sleep at all. If I did fall asleep, it would only be for a short time. I sleep solidly from 10pm to 6 am and am no longer tired and run down during the day. That is worth everything.

  2. Gagul

    I have been using Ambien for several years. I take it quite often. I have always had sleep problems and have found that with use of Ambien I sleep on a regular schedule, and do not have to sleep during the day because I was up most of the night before. Overall, I have found Ambien to be a real help to my overall well-being and general health. The problem I am concerned about is: More than two years ago I had a couple of situations where I got up in the night and ate sandwiches, potato chips, and one time made a bloody mary and drank it without any recollection the next day. Recently, I got up in the night and wrote bizarre emails to several people.

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