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  1. Juzshura

    For many years, I had no problems falling asleep but after 4 hours would wake again, wide awake, mind racing, etc. I finally asked my doctor to prescribe Ambien and paid extra to get it. It was worth every penny. I found a whole tablet taken at bedtime still only let me sleep 4-5 hours. I had been told I might need to take another tablet if I woke too early, but didn't want to do that. So now, I don't take Ambien at night when I go to sleep. I take 1/2 of a 5 mg tablet when I wake up at 2 or 3 a.m. It works like a charm; I sleep another three or four hours. For me, 2.5 mg works just as well as 5 mg. Great sleep and I've never had sleep amnesia.

  2. Mikakinos

    It worked great for the first few weeks. I didn't take it every night, just the nights where I was having a hard time falling asleep. The problems stared one night when I was seeing people in my closet and my furniture seemed to be falling on top of my bed. I tired taking it again and I fell right asleep. A week later I began seeing Gummy Bears jumping around my room and on my bed. I went back to my doctor and told her I was seeing things and she said it was common. I stayed on the Ambien, until one night my boyfriend told me that I was sitting up in bed with my eyes open, acting as if I was at work. Typing in the air and I began scratching his skin very hard. I woke up in the morning NOT remembering a single thing. Haven't taken it since then.

  3. Tukasa

    The drug actually only worked for about five hours but I did sleep soundly. However, the following day, after using Ambien, I experienced drowsiness, dizziness and stomach cramping.

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