Accutane Reviews: Why Acne Removing Products in Pill Form Spells Trouble

By | March 11, 2018

Accutane is an acne removal treatment that is not like most of the ones available in the market. Basically, they come in pill form and needs to be consumed by the users regularly. Despite of its uniqueness, however, the FDA reviews tagged this treatment as a very dangerous one due to its documented negative side effects. According to several product testing and Accutane reviews, users experienced serious cases of depression and miscarriages to pregnant women. For those women who did not experience a miscarriage, their babies were said to have had birth defects, giving them the tag ‘Accutane babies’.

Accutane reviews from not pregnant users, on the other hand, also documented disturbing side effects from vision loss, cysts, liver damage, to extreme structural organ damage. Others even said that this product can also cause psychiatric damage as well. In the United Kingdom, for example, there have been lots of documented cases of users suffering from schizophrenia and psychosis. So much is the psychological damage that this acne brand can cause that some affected users even took away their own lives.

Overall, Accutane reviews say it all. Whether or not this product can remove acne no longer matters because of the cost you might pay psychologically and physically. The mere fact that this product is only sold by resellers and therefore cannot be easily verified legally is evidence enough that there is a nasty side to it. No matter how many positive Accutane reviews you see about its ability to remove acne, you should never put yourself at risk because the price you will have to pay is way heavier. Trusting acne removing products that need to be ingested alone is already risky enough because they affect your overall system internally. If you want to try safer options, then acne creams and lotions are more recommended for you.


Fiona Ross is a dermatologist working in the product testing team of a skin care company. Her main role is to study the effectiveness of the products of their competitors and to determine the weaknesses of the ingredients used in their formulations. When out of work, she dedicates some of her time managing her own skin care blog wherein she posts some of her own product reviews. Some examples of her work are AcnEase and Accutane reviews.